SARA (Swiss Addiction Research Award) 2011

The winners of the SARA 2011 are
- Chin Bin Eap, PhD
- Séverine Crettol Wavre, PhD
- Nicolas Ansermot, PhD
of the Unit of Biochemistry and Clinical Psychopharmacology, Hospital of Cery, Lausanne, for their excellent article in Arch. Int. Med., 2010,170(6):529-36: Substitution of (R,S)-methadone by (R)-methadone: Impact on QTc interval.
The prize is for outstanding scientific papers in addiction research which have been published within the last two years. The award consists of a cash-prize of 5.000 CHF and was donated by the Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine (SSAM). An independent curatorium evaluated the submitted papers and put them into a ranking order. This curatorium consists of the following persons:
– Prof. Dr. Jacques Besson
– PD Dr. Barbara Broers
– Dr. Hans Gammeter
– PD Dr. Rudolf Stohler
– Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wiesbeck (president)
In small ceremony Prof. Wiesbeck honoured the winners and the prize was handed out by him and the president of the SSAM, Dr. Hämmig.
(left to right: Hämmig, Crettol, Ansermot, Eap, Wiesbeck)


Swiss Society of Addicion Medicine (SSAM)