"Just say no" to "Just say no". Zum Tod von Nancy Reagan

Von "Drug Policy Alliance" verschicktes Email zum Hinschied von Nancy Reagan:

Drug Policy Alliance


Nancy Reagan, the former first lady and widow of President Ronald Reagan died on Sunday in California at age 94. Front pages around the world are remembering her life, and highlighting one of her most defining legacies — the “Just Say No” campaign.

Who can forget Nancy Reagan sitting in classrooms and all over television sets with her simplistic message?

It was during this time that Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates, who believed that "casual drug users should be taken out and shot," founded the DARE program. DARE programs were quickly implemented in schools across the country, despite their lack of effectiveness

Although DARE no longer dominates the school-based drug prevention field, its trademark zero tolerance approach does. Students are still being “scared straight” and threatened into abstinence with harsh punitive policies that carry the specter of life-altering consequences. This hasn’t worked for decades, and it’s not working now. Indeed, the majority of our children will try alcohol or another drug by the time they graduate from high school. 

Zero tolerance policies have failed. As a society, we are desperately failing at keeping our kids safe. Our children deserve better. 

The Drug Policy Alliance is working hard to bring reality-based drug education to parents and teachers across the country. Because it’s time to start being honest with our kids, and empowering them to make responsible, informed decisions. 

If you stand with us, then please sign our reality-based drug education petition now. Help us bring honest drug education to classrooms across the country.

While Nancy and Ronald Reagan are no longer with us physically, the public hysteria that they whipped up and the draconian, zero-tolerance drug policies that were implemented in the 1980s, are still alive and kicking today. This legacy has to end. 



Jerry Otero
Youth Policy Manager
Drug Policy Alliance